Monday, 1 August 2016

Recommended Indie Games p5

Once every few months I post a list of recommendations of games which are indie, overlooked, and underrated. This is now part 5 of this series of lists. If you've missed the first 4 parts, be sure to check them out as well for some great indie games. For now, here are some new recommendations of games I've greatly enjoyed recently.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Developer: Airtight Games
Publisher: Square Enix

All right, so this one is not exactly indie, but I was surprised by how underrated this game is, considering it's very gripping and immersive. It might be light on game mechanics, but it does a fantastic job with its narrative as it takes you on an investigation of your own death through a dark, rundown town, and that's exactly where the focus of the game lies.

Ghost 1.0

Developer: Unepic_Fran
Publisher: Unepic_Fran

An excellent and highly entertaining metroidvania style platformer where we play as a female cyborg and infiltrate an enormous space station. Stunning visuals, nice music, abundant humour, challenging boss fights, and an ability to possess other machines - all make this game a great experience.

Blues and Bullets

Developer: A Crowd of Monsters
Publisher: A Crowd of Monsters

A deeply cinematic detective game with a gritty and morally grey story, really unique-looking visuals and a memorable soundtrack. The game is episodic in nature and only the first 2 episodes (out of 5) are currently out.

Earn to Die 2

Developer: Toffee Games
Publisher: Not Doppler

A fun sidescrolling driving game where your goal is to improve your vehicle so that you can drive further past a plethora of obstacles and zombies until it breaks. After every few checkpoints, you unlock new vehicles to tackle on harder tracks.


Developer: Supergiant Games
Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

An isometric action hack and slash with RPG elements, pretty visuals, nice music, and a cool narrator. An awesome variety of weapons and special skills make this game a load of fun.

State of Anarchy

Developer: Andrew Jr
Publisher: New Reality Games

A short, light-hearted top down shooter in the style of old-school GTA games, but with a twist. The visuals are all made to look like kid's drawings and all the sound effects use mouth noises.