Sunday, 10 November 2013

Central Impulse - another free game from me

Here's another game that I finished recently. Central Impulse is a sci-fi themed game with an all-robot cast. It mixes RPG gameplay with puzzle-solving elements and is relatively fast-paced and light-hearted.

General features:

- An all-robot cast
- About 3.5-4 hours in length
- A beautiful sci-fi setting aboard a massive space station
- Gameplay is equally balanced between puzzles/minigames and combat
- Floating pickups!
- Flexible gear customization: any playable character can equip any piece of gear in the game (providing they have a slot available) allowing the player to pick combat roles for the characters.

For more info and a download link, please GO HERE.
(A couple of things to note: at the moment it only works on the Windows operating systems, and also you need RPG maker RTP files to play, so if you don't have that, choose the RTP-inclusive download link)

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