Thursday, 20 June 2013

Blog change 2 - RM games

Looks like it's that time that I've added something slightly new to the blog. I've now decided that I'll be making reviews of not only popular and well-known games out there, but also the RM games, the games made in RPG maker software by other people. There are loads of RM games out there, but I'll make sure to review the ones that I get a chance to play and enjoy to at least some degree, in a hope to give them some more exposure and attention.

The reviews will be honest and will tackle all the positive and all the negative traits about the game in order to give as much information as possible to the potential players out there.

If you have made a game in RPG maker and want me to play and review it, then feel free to get in contact, but keep in mind the above. And also if you wish, you can provide me with your own screenshots to post, but otherwise I'll make sure to take some of my own to post here.

If you are someone reading these reviews and wish to try out any of these games, then keep in mind the following:
 - I'll include the links where the games can be found and downloaded.
 - Majority RM games are non-commercial and free, but some might have that status changed some time after the review is done.
 - RM games require RTP files of the maker that they were made in, so make sure to read the descriptions of the download links and whether they have RTP files included or not.
 - As far as I know, RM games can only be played on the Windows systems, but this might change in the future, depending on whether RPG maker becomes compatible with other systems.

That's it for now! Let the game's begin!

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