Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Incitement - a free sci-fi RPG

Hello all. Just a heads up that my latest game is now complete. As with my previous two games, Incitement too was made in RPG maker VXAce and hence has a similar playstyle as a 2D JRPG with party management and random encounters, except this time it's sci-fi themed. Approximately 10 hours in length and covers a variety of sci-fi settings. Assemble a team, make your choices, uncover mysteries and government conspiracies, and of course - save the world.

Download link and more info on the game can be found HERE!

Check the epic trailer out right HERE!

And feel free to join the Facebook page over HERE!

Thanks for the support!

Please note a couple of things:
1. The game only works on Windows operating system
2. The game requires RTP files of VX Ace to play, and so for that reason if you do not have RPG maker VX Ace, please choose the full (RTP-inclusive) version to download at the link above.

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