Saturday, 22 June 2013

RM game review - Dryantia

Developer: Winterfate

The first RM game I’m going to review is Dryantia. Set in an epic fantasy world where two elder races have been at a conflict with each other for millennia, which eventually resulted in a curse that’s killing the land and threatens the humans living on it. The curse is said to originate from a place known as the Earth Temple. However, its exact location is unknown to everyone, and now a lone adventurer by the name of Lemnar is on a quest to find it.

On first impressions, the game seems rather simple and utilises a lot of the standard RTP resources. This could in some ways make it very similar to most other RM games out there. However, it does feature a very nice story and gets into it straight away, without making the player do any of the trivial quests. You acquire a couple of allies in the second town and then the game really picks up and more of the story is revealed in the parts that follow it, including a mysterious figure that could potentially be the main villain.

The leading characters very quickly begin to bond with each other and there’s a definite chemistry between them as they crack various jokes every now and again. To top it off, they all play a necessary role in battles as they all possess different skills to each other. In addition, there are tonnes of different items that can be found throughout the adventure, some of which could in fact save you in a dire situation.

The game becomes a little hard and grind heavy in the middle parts and hence the pacing might seem to get slower. However, after a bit of that, it picks up again in the last third of the story and gets even better than it was in the beginning.

Apart from lots of fighting, the game also features plenty of clever puzzles, which are fun to solve, and some in fact might make you stop and think for a minute. And then there are also a few optional dungeons in the game too, which are very generous with their treasure, and if you get to the end of those dungeons, you would often be greeted with an optional boss.

Overall the game has a good length to it of around 10 hours and leaves room for a sequel. There are still plenty of areas in the game that require some polish, and initial release version had a number of bugs in it, but the developer Winterfate has been very quick to fix them and so by now majority of them should be gone.

And so to conclude, Dryantia has been a fun experience. It might not be the most technically sumptuous RM game out there, but it has a solid base with its story and setting, which is then further enhanced with fun puzzles and flexible ways to strategise in battles.

More info on Dryantia and the download links can be found HERE.

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